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We illustrate the reasons behind soft washing, what is different about this form of cleaning than pressure washing and show you why your roof gets black streaks all over it!

In this booklet, we discuss what different options there are, like power washing, pressure washing and soft washing. Learn why soft washing for house exteriors and roofs is best!
This book is more of a “deep dive” into roof washing. Why it needs to be done, what is the best process, and we finally answer “What is all that black gunk on my roof, anyway?”
This book talks about all the other things that Maintenance Medics does. Things like gutter restoration, brick cleaning, deck and fence restoration and more. We’ll talk to you soon!

What The Maintenance Medics Do For You

You need a clean driveway. It looks great, of course, but did you know it is safer, too? When bacteria and algae get wet, they become very slippery and dangerous to walk on. Plus, getting rid of that gunk will keep it from coming into your house or business.

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Licensed, Insured & Certified

We are certified by Eter-A-Clean™ to get you a cleaner pressure washed exterior with no damage.

Long Lasting Results

Our pressure and soft wash concrete cleaning keep your driveway looking good for months and even years.

Customer Reviews

We guarantee you’ll love the results of your soft washing service, but don’t just take pur word for it. These customers loved our service. Read more on the reviews page or on Google, Yelp or Facebook.

Absolutely the best, my experience was this company’s number one priority. I loved the fact they were not done until I approved every detail, and it was perfect the first time.
Richard Albarano

I have had many other contractors to clean my house over the years and believed they did a great job until I contacted Maintenance Medics House Washing. They were professional at their work, very courteous while on the job and very polite.
Tim Henson

Very professional work. A job well done. I was very pleased with the results.
JoAnne Baldin

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