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Stress-Free, Soft Wash House & Roof Washing & SANITIZING Services

Call now for special SANITIZING services. We’ll wash and sanitize your home, playground, barn or other hard surfaces.

Don’t get caught off guard. Protect your home, equipment and family from dangerous bacteria, fungus and even viruses.

What We Offer

Whether you need your roof cleaned, your house washed or your business needs a commercial pressure wash (or soft wash) to look perfect, we have you covered. Here are a few of the pressure washing services we do.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Anybody can destroy your roof with a pressure washer, but the Maintenance Medics preserve the roof while cleaning it of the microbes that cause the black stains.

House Washing

You don’t have to have an ugly dirty house with green sludge all over it. Our soft wash technique gets your house cleaned while preserving the paint and wood.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Whether you need your concrete cleaned of gum, have oil in the parking lot or need the exterior washed, the Maintenance Medics will wash your commercial building.

Concrete Cleaning

The Maintenance Medics can remove most oil and other stains from concrete. If it is an old stubborn stain, it will be much less noticeable at the least.

Rust & Calcium Stain Removal

Our technique completely removes rust stains and calcium buildup from many types of surfaces. With the heavy iron content in water here, this is a great service.

Gutter Restoration

Restore your gutters to like-new looks with the Maintenance Medics. (Sorry, but we do not remove the debris from gutters.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, also called power washing or pressure cleaning, uses high-pressure water to scour a surface clean of grime. Only safe on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Playground Sanitation

We clean and sanitize playground equipment through our soft wash cleaning system. Keep your kids healthy!

Barn Washing + Sanitizing

Barns can get really gross. We clean them up so they look, smell and are clean and fresh. Call the Maintenance Medics for complete barn washing services.

What Is Soft Washing?

Let’s start with pressure washing, first. Pressure washing involves high-pressure jets of water. This high-pressure spray scours the surface and removes particles by literally ripping them off the surface. A major drawback is that it can damage your house, your roof and even your driveway if your concrete is older.

Soft washing, on the other hand, involves a low-pressure water stream combined with solvents that dissolve the bacteria, fungus and algae that are in the surface. In addition, the system kills mold, mildew, algae and also microorganisms on your roofing system as well as various other surfaces — leaving them clean as well as sterilized.

We also have solvents that dissolve oil. All of these benefits and no damage to any structure.

In short, soft washing is usually a better alternate to standard pressure washing. Soft washing treatments last far longer compared to power washing treatments and they don’t destroy the surface you are having cleaned.

How It Works

We make it easy to get your house or business soft washed. So call Maintenance Medics to get started.

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Easy as that, your house exterior will be cleaned, your business washed or your roof cleaned and you will be the envy of the neighborhood!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We aren’t done working till you are happy. Here are some testimonials of really happy customers and you can read more on our pressure washing reviews page.

I have had many other contractors to clean my house over the years and believed they did a great job until I contacted Maintenance Medics House Washing. They were professional at their work, very courteous while on the job and very polite. Their prices were very reasonable and better then what I have been paying. I would highly recommend them to anyone and my family. Thank you guys for a great job.

Tim Henson

Love Maintenance Medics I do mechanic work and had bad stains on the garage floor and drive Todd came out and in a few hours with minimal mess had my garage floor and drive looking like new!! I would highly recommend Maintenance Medics to clean up your stains. Very professional 😎

Jeff Watson

Rob and his business is by far the BEST I have EVER been associated with in every respect you can ask for!! Honesty, Reliability, Fair pricing, and QUALITY work. I would contact no other business for any work on my house.
Keep up the GREAT work Rob!!

Jerry King

Personalized Soft Wash Services For Every Type of Clean

7 Great Reasons To Use Maintenance Medics’ Exter-A-Clean System

Soft Washing Technique On Your Roof, Business or Home.

  1. Improved Curb Appeal!     Get your home or business to look its best.  Getting a roof cleaning is a small cost with a huge benefit!
  2. Improve your roof’s longevity and efficacy! Most roofing manufacturers guarantee their products about 25-30 years. Soft washing your roof with our 100% biodegradable soft-wash formula keeps the shingles working well for a long time. Prevent leaks and cracks from prematurely developing due to algae, moss, and lichen.
  3. Maintain the value of your Home & Business! Curb appeal and well-maintained buildings keep up the realty value of your business and home. Use our soft wash system to keep everything in good order.
  4. Save money! Save thousands of dollars by soft washing your roof rather than spending thousands of dollars on a roof that doesn’t need to be replaced.
  5. No damage. Our this system is 100% biodegradable, affordable and safe, unlike high pressure systems, that will damage shingle composition and paint on walls or even the wood on a deck cleaning.
  6. Certified soft wash professionals All Maintenance Medics accumulate at least 10+ classroom hours just learning how to properly wash exteriors and roofs. Maintenance Medics Roof & Exterior Cleaning strives to use the safest and most up-to-date soft wash procedures.
  7. Health benefits! Eliminate mold and other organisms from passing through your roof and into your attic.

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